We quickly fell in love with Charlotte Edey's softly surreal art works. Working across print, tapestries and ceramics, Edey has featured in top publications including Vanity Fair, ID Magazine and Dazed. Off the back of her first solo show at Flowers Gallery Mayfair, we catch up with the London Based Artist.

Tell us about your first solo show, What journey lead you to this point in your career?

I was really honoured to be chosen by one of my favourite artists Juno Calypso to participate in the Artist of the Day programme at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street in July. It was my first solo show, and it was really moving to curate the show and to see the culmination of a few years work come together in such an incredible space! 

I’ve been working as an artist and illustrator for five years, dividing my time between personal and commercial work.  

What themes do you like to discuss in your work? 

I would describe my work as softly surreal exploring utopian and afrofuturist themes. Utopia in my work explores the quiet radicalism of creating a space and the possibilities of where that space might lead. It combines both sanctuary and optimism. 

Beach | 42 x 42CM Print 

How did you discover tapestry as an art from?

Over the last few years I had been looking to realise my drawings as objects; I worked with ceramics and concrete before exploring tapestry works. I completely love translating designs to woven fabric - there is a beautiful fluidity to them, which accompanied by the scale and texture make them the most ambitious works of mine to date. 

As my work is drawn by hand, it’s really time-consuming to make works larger than A2, so working with the tapestries which are 1.7metres x 1.4metres is a lot of fun.Chapter Four | Tapestry  Illustrated tapestry works created in 100% woven jacquard cotton.

Found | Tapestry

Who empowers you as a female creative?

The inimitable women who came before me. Kay Sage, Remedios Varo, Toyin Oijh Odutola, Ursula K Le Guin, Erykah Badu, Gertrude Abercrombie, Angela Davis, Virginia Woolf, my mum… 

Lastly, How do you express yourself through personal style?

Details. I adore jewellery, I have 6 silver rings that never come off, each with their own story. My hands feel naked without them. My earrings change daily depending on my mood - I have big curly hair and love big earrings that can compete!  

Charlotte wears the Large Aurora Earrings in Orange. 

Piano | A2 Print

Have a look at more of Charlottes beautiful artworks here:

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Lucilla x